Information about SPARKitPLACE!



where exchange sparks change for the greater great!

OUR MISSION: (and yours should you choose to accept it! : ) to uplevel the standard financial playing field by hosting a platform where exchange and interaction are conducted with caring, authenticity, honor, respect, generosity, self-accountability and integrity. (And hopefully spArk some fun and inspiration too!) 

We aim to promote the currency of care through conscious commerce and exchange modalities that meet the varied needs and talents of our constituents, while being fully supportive of nature and the intricate systems that support all life. (i.e., we love eco-friendly, organic, fair trade, vitality-rich, socially conscious, inclusive, creative, innovative, win-win-win, inspired, high frequency, made-with-love kinds of things, offerings, events and services!)  This world is full of amazing, talented and highly conscious creators and we expect you will have a great time connecting with one another!

We support inclusivity and so offer a place for non-monetary exchange and variations including freely given, donation based, trade, gifting, crowd funding and other new forms of creative expression. 

(Note: we are just getting started and some of the labels and buttons and setups are likely to change as we make the new platform better suited to our uniquely different and important objectives!)


When we creatively share and flow our different forms of affluence (time, talent, currency etc.) and offer inspiration in ways that benefit ourselves and others, like nature does, life becomes infinitely richer. 

The more LOVE, CARING and JOY or “SPARK OF LIFE” in every exchange, the more we benefit ourselves, each other and the world we live in.  By consciously directing the energy of pure love into our currency and ‘legal tender’—embodying the current of abundant flow and empowered tenderness each time we give and receive—a whole new, much healthier, harmonious world emerges right before our eyes.


SPARKitPLACE! is not just another online marketplace, it is a unique new social sharing and exchange platform designed so each person who participates feels enriched, expanded and more empowered to flourish and also more inspired to contribute in ways that serve the larger whole.  

Rather than paying-it-forward, we are all about flowing-it-forward, rather than haggling types of competition and bartering, we are all about sharing and smartering!  SPARKitPLACE! puts the heart and soul back into the tools of money and exchange, so that these tools work for the good of humanity and the earth, rather than us working for money at the expense of the earth and one another! 

SPARKitPLACE! listing categories are:

  • GOODS that do GOoD!
  • OFFERINGS & SERVICES (what's your SpArK?)
  • DREAM & VISION SUPPORT (fund your dreams!)

Values and guidelines of SPARKitPLACE!:

We ask that before you post you pause for a moment and consider our values and guidelines. Overall Goods, Services, Offerings and Projects posted on SPARKitPLACE!  should reflect the following values:

  • provides flexibility in accessibility (donation based, tiered, gift, barter, time exchange, etc)
  • aligns with nature’s principles
  • does little to no harm and promotes a currency of care
  • comes from your authenticity and embraces transparency
  • creates a spark, a flow-it-forward of high frequency life force energy that inspires more goodness (greatness) through each exchange and/or that benefits others and adds to more well being on the planet.

SPARKitPLACE!  is being launched online globally but we encourage it being used by local networks as well to facilitate in-person exchange and strengthen local communities.  

   Thanks for joining us and sharing your unique and important *spArK*!  

Please be patient with us as we work out the glitches along the way to a new economy of care and well being for all!