Mapping your Destiny with Vedic Astrology, Jyotisha

Vedic Astrology focuses on the star constellations (nakshatras) of our galaxy, as compared to Western astrology which is based on the equinox (and is therefore more transient). It is an older system and is unique in its ability to shed light on your deepest purpose. Each soul has a purpose and it is our life’s journey to embrace and actualize this purpose.
Based on your birth date, time, and location, I will engage in an in-depth study of all the layers and aspects presented in the sky at the moment and place you where born.
I will determine your house and sign placement of the 9 major planets and what constellations are reflecting onto to them. These configurations tell a story and the story is about your soul essence.
Then in a one-hour session (in-person or virtual), we will take a journey into your soul. This science is incredibly enlightening and will give you insights about how to manifest your potential and live your greatest joy.

Listing created Jun 29, 2022

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