Energy Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu

Healing is a return of the life currents to harmonic flow. Most healing facilitators will agree that the subtle level of thought and emotions is where most imbalances begin. Of these we can name anger, attachment, worry, fear and pretense as guilty culprits, fear being the most insidious and pervasive. It is the role of the therapist to hold a space for peace on all levels of the human system. The system called Jin Shin Jyutsu ( the Creator’s Healing Art for the Conscious Man), works from the subtle to the physical, thereby correcting the cause of illness. This system also implies and has long term benefit based on the engagement of the patient in his or her own healing journey.
There is an educational process of self-discovery and responsibility to release destructive patterns and invite clarity, peace and gratitude, and a healthy lifestyle, to foster health.
This is an gentle, unintrusive healing art that uses the hands of the practitioner as conduits of energy to “jumper cable” the energy of the receiver into harmonious flow. The practitioner is not the doer, but practices BEING. This method can be compared to acupuncture, but uses hands instead of than needles. Hands can feel balance when balance returns.
Sessions can be hands on in person or online sharing self help tools. Depending on the commute I can also come to you.

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