Quantum Hypnosis Exploration & Healing

Bring up to ten questions - events or situations you would like clarity on, how to solve a "problem", how to reach a particular goal, deep questions on topics of your choosing.

We begin with a conversation so I can learn a little about you and have a better understanding about your goals for the session. Then we move into the experiential part of the session where you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state. Traditionally, this state has been labelled as hypnosis, but most people will identify this simply as being deeply relaxed. In this space, the conscious analyzing mind is set aside, enabling the client to explore their multi-dimensional selves. Clients may experience a past life, a parallel life, a future life, or a life as pure energy without form. Or a session may entail seeing colors or perceiving sensations. The experience is highly variable. The clients own inner wisdom is able to provide truths, wisdom, clarity and guidance. Sessions are typically 4 hours in length.

The close of the session entails coming back into everyday awareness and a short debrief.

Through the realization of the root cause of an issue or pattern the client is then able to consciously choose a different path going forward. Insights and shifts in perspective gained in the course of the session can often create space for transformation to occur for the client in the most beautiful of ways.

We all have our own answers within us and they will be revealed as we are ready to receive them.

Certified in Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

Due to the length of sessions I am asking for a minimum donation of $100. Includes a recording of the session.

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