Mitigating EMFs in the Home

I have been studying EMF and electrical mitigations since discovering that I was extremely sensitive to electricity and EMFs myself.

I have also written an article about my story and my discoveries in the Weston A Price Foundation journal (Wise Traditions), Spring 2021. I am currently building a new website for my work.

I have a passion for helping people to make their spaces, especially their sleeping spaces, safer. I would love to use my resources to help you and help you to educate yourself.

$ - Through email, I can answer your specific questions about reducing and eliminating EMF pollution in your space. The suggested donation for 2-3 questions via email is $25. Please respond with your email address if you'd like to work with me.

$ - I am determining my phone consult rates. Let's talk!

  • When you hire me, I put 100% of my earnings into restoring earth's soils through regenerative land stewardship.
Listing created Apr 30, 2022

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