Medical Medium Cheerleading

Hello! I started some Medical Medium protocols more than four years ago to help with (so-called) rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, brain fog, menopausal stuff, etc. It's helped. Happy to to share my story if you're just getting started, or if you just want to connect and inspire each other in this way.

You set up the Zoom call or phone call.
20 minutes.

Listing created Apr 14, 2022

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Katie W

2 years ago

What a beautiful offering!

Ann Marie Cross

2 years ago

this site -- and posting this offering -- made me think a bit . . . what if someone is making their living doing what i offer here for free? Haven't really come up with an answer . . . just holding space for an inquiry around this.

(and thank you Katie :-)

Katie W

2 years ago

yes, it's a fascinating and "alive" space to be in.....

Patricia Barrett

2 years ago

I've been doing my best with LW, CJ, HMDS and try to stay off no foods but slip about several times a week. I'll be traveling a lot in for the next 2 months but would like to chat about how to do better with the no foods when I return. Actually if you have any traveling tips I'd really appreciate them. It's hard enough when you're in your own kitchen!'

Thanks for your offering.

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