Cecily Reading


I moved to Florida from Hawaii in 2018. I didn't know at the time my sorce connection was leading me to the FREEST state here in US, but I sure am thankful!

I came to know the Ownstream tribe through Jacqueline. I don't know how I would have gotten through the Plandemic without either. So grateful.

My gift is.orimarily creating yummy foods and feeding friends. I started out 40 years ago as a natural foods caterer, then owned an award winning natural foods restaurant in Seattle for 10 years. 1986-1996 ish. Currently my cooking passion is creating Keto recipes. Keto is a way of eating that teaches the body to burn fat first when ketones are available. This takes about 6 weeks of super conscientious choices. 70-80% healthy fats (grass fed animal fat, avocado and coconut oil) 10% protein (grass raised, wild caught fish, eggs, some grass raised dairy) and 10% carbs (veggies, nuts mostly). 90% organic. One can be "lazy" Keto, eat any fat, any protein, and be in "ketosis" but it's not a healthy choice. I eat this way for brain health, as the brains 1st choice for energy is ketones and 3 women in my family died of alzheimers.

I also enjoy crafts, garding, reading, writing, beach, walks among trees, my friends, traveling, dancing and my family, although right now I'm not "allowed" in person visits.

That's me in a nut shell!

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