Information about SPARKitPLACE!

How it works

How it works around here....

SPARKitPLACE! is a profile-based exchange network for those interested in exchanging with others through higher frequency, conscious and joyful interactions where the goal is prosperous flow for all. Our membership platform is designed to foster deeper connections among members and build a sense of integrated community, trust and long-term mutually beneficial relationships.  Like mycelium, we are creating a powerfully efficient system to nourish both the individual and the collective whole.

We are launching SPARKitPLACE!  as an ongoing creative sharing space that will evolve over time, starting small and expecting to expand organically as support, interest and the technologies of conscious exchange emerge.

Membership Rates 

SPARKitPLACE! membership is on a pay-what-you-wish basis.  Currently, our suggested minimum monthly membership rate is $10 month.  If you are financially able and wish to contribute more to support us in launching this endeavor, or if you post frequently or are receiving income from your listings here, please consider a higher monthly donation such as $20, $30 or $40.  Select the contribution rate that feels most aligned with your ability and natural desire to give.  You can always add a "tip" or "top up" anytime you feel inspired.  You can be assured that your contributions are helping us all to create an economy of togetherness that benefits the whole.  

Freely given contributions ensure that all those who wish to participate are able to join regardless of ability to pay.  It is important to us that money never be a hurdle to entry for anyone in our community.  Like the trees that take care of one another, it is our hope and expectation that those with ability to give more will help support memberships for those who at this time are unable to pay the minimum donation.  Thank you all, your support makes SPARKitPLACE! possible!

Where do your membership contributions go?  A good portion goes to cover the costs of setting up and maintaining the platform monthly, which Ownstream is currently covering as a project of love.  Some of the funds will support the individuals who are freely giving their spArks of creative energy to bring SPARKitPLACE!  to life, fine tune it, and keep reinventing it along the way.  Eventually, when we move beyond just covering expenses, we intend to give back to organizations, individuals and projects whose ideas and projects we align with and are eager to support, including dreams posted in SPARKitPLACE! 

Listing Approvals 

To build a community of trust we are using an invite-only system for new members and we invite anyone interested in creating a listing on the site to first reach out to us for approval.  This is to ensure the integrity of the platform's mission and cohesiveness of the content and membership experience. This is not intended to limit creative expression, but is what we are exploring as the best option at present to ensure the quality and frequency of the space.  

Getting approval to create your first listing is very simple! Please visit the "Contact us" tab on the top menu bar of the site. Then, send us a message via the simple message interface on the page. Let us know who you are, what you intend to offer via SPARKitPLACE! (being general here is fine) and what excites you most about creating a new paradigm in value exchange. Once we review your message, we will turn "on" your ability to list and you'll be good to go (you will receive an automatic message from the system once this happens). After this, there are no further approvals needed to continue listing and exchanging on the site.

If you intend to create listings which include a set price AND you want to use PayPal as your processor, you will need a PayPal business or premier account. Upgrading to a business or premier account is easy and free. There are no additional costs involved. If you don't have a business entity, then please set up a premier account with PayPal.

Also, we are open to feedback in ways we can improve, so click the "Contact Us" button in the header anytime to share your input.  Since we are an all-volunteer team at present, we may not reply immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Your presence here and input are important to us!


Short Version: Play Nice.

Long Version:  This site facilitates connection and exchange between parties operating out of personal integrity and authenticity.  We don't conduct background checks and do not claim that participants have been verified by any system or effort on our part.  We don't anticipate any problems or disputes, but should they arise between any parties, by participating in the site you agree that Ownstream and its owners and affiliates shall be held harmless and are not responsible for any claim for damages or reimbursement.  Thank you for your agreement to self-responsibility and working things out for yourselves.  Hopefully, all your exchanges here will be deeply rewarding and will contribute to our mission of promoting conscious exchange and a currency of care!


Towards Joyful Exchange and a Flow State Economy

For decades, many early paradigm shifters have been experimenting with alternative ways of exchanging energy, information, products and currency that are empowering and uplifting to all involved. 

Many may ask, is ongoing joyful exchange among diverse populations actually possible?  We say YES, and we go one step further and assert joyful exchange is even humanity's natural birth right!

In essence, what if every exchange we engage in leaves us a little (or ideally a lot!) more elevated, empowered and eager to be alive, and every person or animal or insect or element or flower we exchange with feels energetically uplifted and expanded?  Without the negative imaging of lack, debt, shame, separation, win-lose, hierarchy, exploitation of nature... we are free to create the positive future we really want to live.  What does that look like to you? 

As society is recognizing that people are differently-abled, we are also recognizing that people are differently-abundant and that affluence comes in many forms.



adjective (especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy.

ARCHAIC (of water) flowing freely or in great quantity. noun

ARCHAIC a tributary stream.

Some people are affluent in time, some are affluent in money, some are affluent in health and wellbeing, some are affluent in talent, skills and wisdom, some are affluent in happiness, some are affluent in kindness and allowance, some are affluent in loving relationships, some are affluent in life experience, some are affluent in their ability to influence change and offer contribution on a widespread level, etc.  At any given time or period of life, we may shift between some or all of these forms of abundance.  In essence we are abundant when we feel supported and empowered to do what we want to do and live how we want to live in the most free and fulfilling manner, and that looks different for each of us.

In a Flow State Eco-nomy, the idea is that we each come from our own individual, sovereign state of flow (our unique alignment with Pure Love) and exchange from that basis of being full from within.  We have a strong desire to put “coeur” back in currency and real affluence back in the way we exchange with one another.  Money of itself is neutral, it is the meaning we give it and the actions we use it for that make a difference.  Even if it has been used as a tool of negative enslavement and distortion for eons, it doesn't matter, together we can employ our innate powerful wisdom and unique abilities and creatively use money and other forms of affluence for the benefit of all beings—to co-generate the greatest great!

When we creatively share and flow our different forms of affluence in inspired ways to benefit ourselves and others, like nature does, all our lives are more enriched.  Rather than use money to accumulate which creates a false sense of security that causes  separation, why not employ it to stimulate innovative solutions that prosper all instead of the few? We ask you to join us as we actively explore different forms of affluence, and novel ways of participating, contributing and receiving. 


Most current day economic principles are based on lack, limited supply and taking care of oneself first, out maneuvering competitors and profit/loss. These systems were orchestrated with the intent to distort and confuse those entangled in the financial chaos and "get ahead" propaganda so it seems impossible to change.  Such systems were designed and are influenced by those who obviously don't have humanity's and nature's best interest at heart.  So we advocate just saying NO to them, it's time we simply start our own!  There is more than enough for all when we each express from our individual integrity and ingenuity within, with care for one another and the earth.  

So we propose we start valuing things not based on how cheaply we can buy something as being a reason to purchase or how much profit we can make.. but how much vitality is in a good or service to be exchanged.  For example, a homegrown organic vegetable grown with love and high quality water in rich soil would rank very high on a VITALITY INDEX, while a can of GMO highly processed food would rank low, especially taking into account the herbicides used and the longterm negative health effects both on human health and that of the environment. 

In terms of housing, a home that was actually made with love and non-toxic materials that took into account the frequency of the combined design, materials, bioharmonic benefit to the body to promote optimal lifeforce flow, placement in nature, connection to loved ones, extended supportive community and ease of ability to contribute and exchange in high frequency ways would be very high on the VITALITY INDEX, while a quickly erected house not made with love using toxic materials and without regard for placement in nature and community connection would place low.  The same with organic eco-friendly clothing, furniture made with environmentally balanced awareness, such as reclaimed wood and artisan quality devotion, and so on.  Applying this principle to "health" care, the hidden social and environmental costs of our current pharmaceutical, agrobusiness driven systems would come to light, and the methods most in line with ongoing health and vitality would rise to the top of the vitality index scale.  At some point in the far future we may not need a formal economic system at all, just like outdated systems of law or medicine or education will likely fall away, but this is proposed as a possible transitional step. Energy and frequency levels can be measured, so this seems a good place to start.  

This is the background philosophy behind SPARKitPLACE!  The platform itself welcomes new inputs and insights from members to aid in the transition toward joyful exchange and a vitality-based flow state economy for the good of all beings!

We hope you join us in our mission by contributing your unique spArk!* in creating a new and better future now!